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Synergy of Solutions

               Synergy of Solutions Protocols



                    Q: What does SOS or Synergy of Solutions mean?

            A: DermapenWorld products are unique in the way they all work together to get outstanding results. We’ve
          removed all guesswork with 10 years of rigorous testing—and more testing. All our products and technology work
                   in total synergy with each other and your patient’s skin. The results speak for themselves.

                            Q: What is a Dermapen Treatment  ?
          A: Dermapen Treatment is the overarching term for the period in which a specific skin concern is targeted with a
          series of professional Dermapen microneedling procedures. Your patient is required to support your efforts with a
                               prescribed at-home skincare routine for optimal results.

                                   Q: Why Protocols Matter

          A: Your patients come to you looking for the very best results for their skin. Feel confident by following tried and

           tested Protocols developed in collaboration with leading industry experts—including renowned dermatologists
                                           and plastic surgeons.

          Our Protocols have resulted in millions of successful Dermapen Treatment outcomes and unsurpassed patient satisfaction.

          DermapenWorld  or its representatives hold no responsibility for procedural outcomes. These procotols have been supplied for training purposes, these
           programmes are not designed to cure disease. Individual results may vary. To be used only as directed. Dp Dermaceuticals TM  and various permutations
          of this name, are all trademarks of Equipmed . Due to rapid advances in sciences, we recommend that independent verification of skin conditions and
           procedural recommendations be received by the viewer. Changing of these official protocols without written permission will be deemed a committed
            offence and contracturally not permitted. Image credit is required. For more information on Dp Dermaceuticals described in these protocols see
                                            “The Rewritten Skin Journey”
                                        Copyright 2020.
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